Rock Art Etiquette

Kokopelli and Fans

Rock art is one of our most visible and fragile cultural resources. Natural deteriation from exposure to environmental processes has taken its toll. Rock Art has also been subject to vandalism and destruction. Here are a few simple guidelines to follow when visiting Rock Art Sites.

~ Rock art must never be touched; oils from human skin can discolor or eventually obliterate the designs.

~ Do Not Deface Rock Art by means of Chalking, Outlining, Rubbing or Scratching.

~ Do Not Climb, Stand, Lean, or Sit on the walls of any Ruins as they are fragile and continue to deteriorate.

~ Do Not Pick Up, Move, or Remove any Artifacts, including small fragments of pottery and stone chips. Artifacts tell a story where they lay. Once they are moved, a piece of the past is lost forever.

~ Tread Lightly and stay on Established Trails.

~ No Fires, Smoking, Smudging … Smoke from campfires stains walls and cliffs and Destroys Dating Techniques

~ Avoid camping in or near archeological sites. Never use wood from archeological sites in campfires.

~ Do Not let your Pets run around Freely

~ Do Not place Offerings


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