Carrot Man Rock Art – Pictographs

Carrot Man Rock Art – Pictographs

Rock Art left by the Fremont and Ute Indian cultures abounds throughout Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.

Carrot Man Rock Art Site

Carrot Man Rock Art is located in Southwestern Colorado in the United States near these coordinates.

N 39° 56.841 W 108° 53.405

12S E 680247 N 4424045

There are both Pictographs and Petroglyphs at this site with soaring ‘carrot men’ and other figures located on the roof of an overhang. The Fremont carved and painted interesting carrot-shaped figures and other symbols of unknown meaning as well as pictures of items and events in their lives. You can find Rock Art images of deer, sheep, various other animals, reptiles, birds and corn.
Travel south from the town of Rangely, Colorado on a graveled road for about 11 1/2 miles and turn toward the west at the sign. There is a small parking pullout at .3 miles from the sign where you can then take a short walk down a gully to find this Rock Art.

Rock Art is Fragile. Please respect this and all such Rock Art. . Please Do Not Touch as even the oils in your skin can cause the paints and rock surfaces to deteriorate. Years of erosion and weathering have taken their toll but people touching the sandstone causes much more damage! The

Antiquities Act of 1906 and the Archaeological Resources Protection Act provides serious penalties for vandals

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