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Ancient Graffiti

Pictographs and Petroglyphs, Anthromorphs and Zoomorphs. Pecked, Painted, Scribed, or Brushed, this particular surface here on WordPress is designated to Rock Art. Ancient Rock Art. Especially that of our Ancestral Native Americans.

Here I will provide a plethora of information and personal insight from decades of research and up close encounters from throughout the Greater American Southwest landscape. This is where one can experience the vast canvas of Mesas, Mountains, Deserts, and Canyons and hopefully develop a shared appreciation for Ancient Graffiti.

To Tell or Not To Tell …

To divulge the closely held ‘secret’ locations of our Ancient Native American panels of Rock Art has always a been a sort of dividing line amongst those that seek out such knowledge for whatever personal reason. Whether it be a devout Archaeologist or just a novice Photographer I seriously doubt that even any degree between ether side of the spectrum lies in wait that dreaded Vandal.

I also understand mankind’s inherent greed and also occasional altered mental states brought about by various indulgences as demonstrated by those brought to justice for deeds against our Rock Art. Contrary though, the more knowledge that is shared, the more educated the masses become, and societal outlook on Artifacts and Archaeological Evidence molds to more natural moral respect. Additionally more observers equals a more varied interpretational base.

So ask and I might just tell

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